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Use our app to sign up for a personal training session up to five times per week, plus enjoy unlimited access to cardio machines, abdominal equipment and the flexibility area.  It is all included with the monthly membership.

Fit Theory is the ideal way to get and stay fit.  Open from 6am to 7pm with personal training sessions that start every 30 minutes, you have the flexibility you need in a congenial atmosphere and your choice of a wide range of workout options; High or low intensity, HIIT training, TRX, free weights, boxing and kinesis walls that are great for working on mobility or degeneration.

Fit Theory believes in a variation of exercises and techniques to keep the body challenged and prevent strength disparity, injury or boredom.  You will love the feeling you have each and every time you leave the studio.

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Flexible Schedule, Impressive Results

Enjoy the separate cardio and stretching room as long as you like, as often as you like! The floor to ceiling windows facing El Camino make you feel as you are outside and the dedicated flexibility area allows you to stretch, relax and take your time.  Equipped with yoga balls, foam rollers, pressure point sticks and TV's - you have all you need to wind down and cool off.